I'm Michael.

You are here because you want to share a about a solution for losing weight.​

Read how I've use it bellow to learn in detail.

Ok it is HERE. This solution is called EAT stop EAT

I found this solution and tried it. It works really well.

After wake up at 7:00 AM, I stop eating from this time until 7:00 AM the next day.

I can lose my weight from 76kg to 68kg. I'm trying to 63-65kg. It is ideal for me because I'm 1,65m tall.

I feel better now when moving and an important think for me that I don't snore anymore.​

Wow, you can imagine how I'm happy because snoring is a nightmare for my wife and me.

When I search on YouTube, I learn a lot of benefits from topping eating 1 or 2 days a week, so I decide to practice this method every week.

It is sorry that it is only in my language Vietnamese, but I still mention it here for you: and and

One difficult thing you have to overcome is that you will feel very hungry at dinner time.

For me, I drink some water and always thinks about the better image of my body and health so that it can give me more motivation.

Try to be far away from where they prepare the food.

In the program above, they suggest to stop for 2 days a week not eating, but I've just tried 1 day.

It depends on how weight you are to do 1 or 2 days.

More over, you have to buy this program so that I suggest you to try 1 days not eating for some weeks, then 2 days latter.

I consulted some places and know that this solution is not for a pregnant woman or someone has low blood pressure.

Anyway, it is better to ask your doctor if possible.

You can follow the link above to learn how it works.

Hope to hear the good result from you.

Good luck!